Red Bull Salzburg transfer success

new-piktochart_20721413_766eafa7fba98760ae95da9848b9c3dc88a7cd20Whether you hate the way Red Bull operates in football you have to admit that their transfer policy of scouting and then developing young players is incredible. Although some of the sums received by RB Salzburg from their German friends from Leipzig might be inflated due to the aim to bolster Salzburg’s budget it still is astonishing how the Red Bull network is able to discover hot prospects, sign them, develop them in through their academies and development squads or affiliates like FC Liefering in Austria and then successfully integrate those players into their senior squads at young age. Whether it was Mané, Keita or Bernardo who is not even listed above and also made the transfer into the Bundesliga their talent was unmissable and future transfers to top clubs just a matter of time.

So regardless of Red Bulls impact on the fan culture and their questionable management and ownership structures for the young talented football players the Red Bull owned clubs definitely are a place to flourish. Perfect facilities and the opportunities to earn valuable playing time in adult football and to slowly but still fast develop through the ranks of lower leagues and the chance to showcase their talent regularly at an international stage for Salzburg at the Europe League seem to perfectly work for the development of a young football prospect. Even in the UEFA Youth League RB Salzburg has this year qualified for the final tournament where they will compete with Real Madrid’s La Fabrica, FC Barcelona’s famous La Masia and Benfica’s well known youth academy for the title later in April 2017.


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