Rising Stars – Match Performance Analysis: Justin Kluivert

As son of one hell of a legend, Patrick Kluivert, Justin obviously got transferred all of his father’s talent. Just being 17 the young Dutch is this season more and more becoming a full part of Ajax’s first team. Making his debut against Zwolle two weeks later he made his starting eleven debut against ADO Den Haag. Further The 1999 born is active for Ajax’s second team in Netherlands’ second division while also featuring in the UEFA Youth league for the Dutch side. Across the competitions he was able to get on the scoreboard three times and assisted another five goals in 12 appearances.

In Ajax Amsterdam’s victory against ADO Den Haag Kluivert mainly featured on the right wing in their typical 4-3-3 system with Dolberg playing upfront. Occasionally he switched sides with the German Amin Younes.

As you might expect the right-footed talent showed high ambitions to showcase his talent. From minute one he was on spot. Already just two minutes in the game he should have been awarded a penalty. That being impressive for itself the genesis to the penalty is even more so. His great backwards work lead to an interception near Ajax’s penalty box resulting finally in Kluivert being tripped in Den Haag’s danger zone however inexplicably not being rewarded for his work and neat dribbling.

Nonetheless unimpressed from that one minute later he again did very well to take advantage of his unbelievable pace and go past his opponent playing a dangerous cross into the box. Later on he could cross another ball in behind the defensive line presenting his very able right foot. Further he could showcase his passing quality with a decently weighted chip into the back of the defence after handling the ball with a nice flick. Also he himself moved well in space with one or another run behind Den Haag’s defensive line an with good usage of space.


He also showed good patience when not in possession constantly staying wide making the pitch broad. He did not move into more central positions as you probably might expect from young players like him just to receive more passes but stayed wide to give his teammates space to play in the center.

After such impressive 25 minutes he gave his opponent some time to settle again just to hit back harder in the 30th minute. After winning the ball back stopping a counter attack of ADO the Ajax academy graduate then confidently went into a quality, agile dribbling resulting in a freekick which was then finished off impressively by his team mate Lasse Schöne.

The rest of the game he was quieter but always accomplishing his defensive tasks consequently. Offensively he likes to run in behind his opponent on the wing. His pace gives him the advantage he needs to get away from them. Physically of course he is not yet on the level to be a top player but that will come automatically with time. Hence you cannot yet expect him to be stronger physically in duels.

Finally Kluivert was subbed off in the 78th minute. It definitely was a decent performance in which especially the first 30 minutes he showcased what he is capable of. No one can take him his pace, agility and technical finesse. If he is able to keep improving his game and strength there is no way he is not going not play a significant role in world football. He is more than just another Ajax graduate. And he can be more than just the son of Patrick Kluivert.



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