Talent Performance Comparison- Gabriel Jesus vs André Silva


After his highly anticipated debut for Manchester City it can already be said that the Sky Blues did a good job by buying the young Brazilian. From his first minutes against Tottenham he demonstrated his hunger and the abilities he can add to the squad independent from his young age. Overall, as can be observed in the infographic above he has now scored 14 goals in the 2016/17 season already and contributed immensely to Palmeiras’ win of the Brasileirao.

Compared to another young prospect on the striker position, André Silva from FC Porto, it can be seen that Gabriel Jesus’ conversion rate is better than his compatriots one. While Jesus scored 14 goals with only 2.8 shots per game Silva “just” netted 11 times while shooting almost 4 times towards the opponent’s goal. However these stats cannot determine the qualities of a player and have to be viewed in relation to other factors. Therefore as already could be seen during his first games for City Jesus scored and was dangerous from very short distance – being present where a striker has to be present.

As Guardiola has already highlighted the Brazilians work rate is immense (tackling rate of 1.5 tackles per game compared to Silva’s 0.8 tackles) and the way he participates in their team’s pressing can be of high value for Manchester City. His pace is just incredible and therefore he can close down defenders firstly and then be creative and dangerous on counters.

However to be even more effective he needs to uplift his passing rate as this could be vital to be able to exploit the chances effectively and to be able to finish off their attacking attempts successfully. André Silva on the other side has different qualities as a striker. He is able to take part in the build up play but also to occupy space between the lines and to run in behind the defence. In general the Portuguese talent is very versatile. Although being relatively tall he does not only possess a decent header but can also provide danger with neat dribbles.


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